Necrodeath: rivelata la tack-list dei CD tributo


Rivelata la track list che andrà a comporre il CD tributo dei NECRODEATH.

Ecco la lista delle bands in abbinamento ai brani scelti per il tributo in uscita per BLACK TEARS / KULT OF CTHULHU a fine anno.

MALIGNANCE “Mater Tenebrarum”

DEATH MECHANISM “At the Mountains of Madness”

KILLERS LODGE “The Creature”NECROBREATH “Eucharistical Sacrifice”

E-FORCE “Master of Morphine”

SCHIZO “Enter my Subconscious”

HORNHAMMER “The Flag of the Inverted Cross”

FOG “Red as Blood”

DAMNATION GALLERY “At the Roots of Evil”

PATH OF SORROW “Smell of Blood”

SEPTEM “Process of Violation”

METRALLA “Thanatoid”